Benighted Soul - Paris Metal France Festival 2017 - Fuji x100

3 years …

Well, between this post and the last, it has passed 3 years … 3 years … It is clear that the last 3 years have been very engaging. “Don’t post anything” does not mean “do nothing”. Dans ta Cuve ! This is one of the photographic activities that took me more time over the last …

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Melody - Hasselblad 500cm
Analog Photography shooting

Shooting : Melody

During one of the pictures taken for the calendar Vini Garage Company meetings, I took the opportunity to test a photo configuration that I had not yet experienced in analog : Use a medium format camera with a cobra flash (Nikon SB-600 ) in softbox 60×60, both being connected by a set of Cactus Trigger. …

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Analog Photography shooting

Shooting : Myriam

Here is one of the portraits during a photo session with Myriam. Means used Format: Mamiya 645. I used a Kodak Trix film exposed at ISO 800 and developed in the LC-29. Thank you to Miriam, who has wanted to be my model for an afternoon!

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Analog Photography

Kodak 400 UC

An article on this film? Well yeah, why not … The film was given to me by Arnaud Legrand (@legrandphoto on twitter) during one of our “Apero Photo” organized by the association Dans ta Cuve ! I don’ use often color, especially in 135 where I have trouble with the final result. In short, there is …

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Video – HellFest 2013

Here is a video shot entirely with Camero Go Pro (version 1). Many videos circulating on the net in the same style: Go Pro camera mounted on the camera. This video has nothing exceptional but I am interested in many things : What led me to start a moment in the entire scene ? Miss …

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