Benighted Soul - Paris Metal France Festival 2017 - Fuji x100

3 years …

Well, between this post and the last, it has passed 3 years … 3 years … It is clear that the last 3 years have been very engaging. “Don’t post anything” does not mean “do nothing”.

Dans ta Cuve !

Dans ta Cuve - Metallica Logo -
Dans ta Cuve – Metallica Logo –

This is one of the photographic activities that took me more time over the last 3 years. The associative life is fun but always armored with various and varied twists. I was sure there would be activity but not at this point.

Arrivals, departures, meetings, need some sleep, organization, reorganization and especially the choices that please and the choices that do not please. We spend a lot of time defending and presenting the project. A lot of time. Too much time maybe.

Summarizing 3 years is totally impossible, but for short … I have to say THANK YOU! I have so many things to tell you about the backstage of Dans ta Cuve !

In short, the project is in perpetual evolution and we do many things for having a result you like. Sometimes this leaves us a bit on the kneecaps but still we are still standing and should continue at the same rythm.


Benighted Soul - Paris Metal France Festival 2017 - Fuji x100
Benighted Soul – Paris Metal France Festival 2017 – Fuji x100

“Don’t post anything” does not mean “do nothing”.  Between the tests of the cameras , the tests of products (film, chemicals), the arrival of a small fuji x100 (the 1st generation) and some quick video editing, there wasn’t enought time to take pictures. Fewer concerts, fewer portraits but a lot more very personal pictures and shots taken in the street (What ? Street Photography?). This is the only style that is best suited and which allows to test films, analog cameras, all on lunch breaks sometimes quite short.

I tested to develop films one year later. I highly recommend it. I also changed my method. I don’t develop any more, I wait to have a dozen films to get me to work. Time saving ? No, but a very important setback on the photos, a better self-criticism and a better organization in classification, storage and archiving.


There will surely be a few more videos. I want to engage in interviews / portraits of artists. It takes time too, but I’d like to make at least one for this year.

2017 ?

Perhaps there will not be enormous novelties. Difficult to make but I will try to post much more often pictures. There will surely be some tests of old (and / or alternative) photography processes, a little video, a bit of everything;)

A lot of projects in mind all the same, even if they remain rather oriented around Dans ta Cuve! We have aside our respective blogs to better take care of the association. It may be time to reverse the trend. The desire to transmit a little more makes its way so we will see.

Did you find this post useless ?  Welcome to the blog ! My Blog ! See you in 3 years? 😉

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