Video – HellFest 2013

Here is a video shot entirely with Camero Go Pro (version 1). Many videos circulating on the net in the same style: Go Pro camera mounted on the camera.

This video has nothing exceptional but I am interested in many things :

  • What led me to start a moment in the entire scene ?
  • Miss I the good time ?
  • The critical aspect another person have photographed the same scene differently than I’ve lived ?

The image freezes a moment while the non camera. This revolutionary non-observation, I took the advantage of using a fisheye camera and use a 50mm lens. The whole video, what the eye sees, and a standard length of habit and convention to not having a physical proximity to the subjects.

We know for a while but the practice of analog film, because of the number of poses and its cost, we “forced” to choose the right moment to take a photo, think about, to frame, etc. .. . With digital, I could burst trigger and select “THE” picture that I liked.

The video is an additional support to the practice of photography. A fixed time and pulled the global scene. I came to realize that by the time I got the picture I wanted but also the photo that I did not want. I would have waited one second, half a second later or earlier and I could have had THE photograph.

This above all amused me and I will start this experiment. The eye in the viewfinder, focused on the scene unfolding before me … missing in all that is happening around me. Video demystifies why and how the image.

This kind of video is nice but be careful not to abuse it. It allowed me to show that we can not be everywhere. You can not photograph everything. Fortunately elsewhere;)

The experience would be to try again in a different context: a 17mm during a manifestation.

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